Want Your Offer Taken Seriously? Try This.

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Sellers want a sure thing, right? They don’t want the nightmare of the buyer’s financing falling through at the last minute and scrambling to change their plans and put their home back on the market.

Sellers love a cash offer or an offer that is backed with a high degree of certainty because it assures them that the sale will go through, and they can move on.

Think Like a Seller

When sellers are reviewing offers, they consider many things, but at the top of their list is gauging if the offer they choose is trustworthy and allows them a high level of certainty that the sale will go through without a hitch.

If they’re confident a particular buyer’s home loan financing will go through, that buyer’s offer likely takes priority over an offer they’re unsure about.

Give the Seller Peace of Mind

At Axia, we work with borrowers to review and verify their financial picture and, if qualified, provide a verification certificate. These certificates can equip home buyers to both determine their home budget and add certainty to their home offer.

Our certificates come with four different levels of financing approval:

  1. Pre-Qualification
  2. Pre-Approval
  3. Credit Approval
  4. Guaranteed Credit Approval

Get the Seller’s Attention with a 10k Guarantee

The highest level of financing approval we provide is Guaranteed Credit Approval. When you receive a Guaranteed Credit Approval certificate, your financial picture has already undergone a full analysis and only property conditions remain.

This is a big deal – this premium approval not only provides excellent closing speed, but it assures the seller that the loan will close, and the sale will go through.

In fact, our Guaranteed Credit Approval gives the seller $10,000 if the buyer’s financing doesn’t go through (based on the terms of Axia’s Certified Homebuyer Guarantee*).

Solid Approval Certificates That Increase Trust

While Axia’s Guaranteed Credit Approval is the premium choice, your Loan Originator can help you find the certificate level that is right for you.

Here are additional certificates that can add heft to your offer:

  1. Pre-Qualification
  2. Pre-Approval
  3. Credit Approval

Pre-Qualification provides the least impact to the seller. To issue a buyer with a Pre-Qualification certificate, you will undergo only a quick, preliminary analysis – your financial profile will not undergo any verification – which means things could change substantially once the loan begins the verification/underwriting process.

The Pre-Approval certificate includes both a preliminary and verified analysis which gives the seller added assurance that your loan will go through.

The Credit Approval Certificate requires additional scrutiny into your financial profile, which in turn provides the home seller with a great deal of confidence that your home financing will clear, and the sale will go through.

Which Certificate Is Right for You?

How do you know which certificate is right for you? That’s where your Loan Originator comes in.

Loan Originators live and breathe home financing and will walk you through your certificate options so you can make the right choice for your situation.

Find a Loan Originator serving your area to get started putting you in the front of the line in a competitive real estate market.


*Eligible on TBDs, primary residences and first liens. Files must be fully credit approved with no conditions except for the executed purchase and sale, acceptable flood cert, appraisal report and title report. Guarantee lasts 60 days from approval date. Guarantee is conditional upon the maintaining of borrower’s credit rating, income and asset statuses. Not available for any sales contract contingencies, jumbos, USDA, state or local bond programs that require prior approval. Guarantee is not valid for any transaction that is canceled for reasons not related to loan financing. COVID-19, natural disaster or other pandemic may alter the terms and conditions of the Guarantee.


Equal Housing Lender. Axia Home Loans is a registered tradename of Axia Financial, LLC. NMLS 27830.

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