Alex Featured on Mortgage Vault Podcast

Listen to Axia’s CEO, Alex Rosenblum, discussing Axia’s people-centric leadership philosophy, our market outlook, and how being employee-owned enables us to outperform our competition and build an energetic, positive workforce.

Listen to the discussion online here or through Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Discussion Highlights:

[2:00] Alex shares Axia’s growth story and explains the impact of being 100% employee-owned and debt-free

[5:45] Alex explains how being employee-owned helps with corporate employee retention

[7:20] Alex talks about Axia’s standards for open communication and corporate transparency

[12:12] Alex speaks about how Axia’s products and services are created to fit individual markets

[15:00] Alex shares how Axia strategically diversified by creating a wholesale channel

[22:46] Alex reviews Axia’s top three short-term initiatives

[28:27] Alex offers advice to the younger generation considering a mortgage career

[33:13] Alex shares how the mindset he acquired from his upbringing shaped his career

[38:04] Alex explains how being a debt-free company allows Axia the freedom to design its future


Equal Housing Opportunity. Axia Home Loans is a registered tradename of Axia Financial, LLC. NMLS 27830.

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