Loan Originators are in a unique position. You make your own success, but you can’t be fully independent. You have to be tied to a lender, but you have a lot of choice about which one. If you’re good at your job, lenders near and far woo you with words like culture, coaching, and cash and dangle tools, team, and tech. How do you know if you should stay or go? Consider the following top reasons that LOs decide to jump ship. If you’re experience any of these issues, it may be a good time to take that recruiter’s call. These are the top 3 reasons that LOs leave:

1. I Feel Like a Number

“Um, it’s actually Greg“. How many times are you going to have to reintroduce yourself to company leadership? Ouch, right? They knew that 6-million-a-month guy’s name, but somehow, not yours. Okay, so you’re not at 6 million yet, but you’re out there every day doing the work and serving your people and it would feel really nice to get a pinch of recognition for all the loans you are closing. And those same people who don’t know your name are the ones rolling out new helpful processes and programs without even cracking open the suggestion box.

2. I’m Not Getting the Support I Need

We all have outside voices and inside voices – our outside voice is the one reminding the support staff to help you get the stuff moving so you can close on time. Our outside voice is also the one obediently submitting all your efficiency and product improvement ideas to the suggestion box. Your inside voice is usually (hopefully?) kept for your pillow – screaming into it that you’re hustling like crazy, trying to make money for your future and the company, but nobody is listening, and nobody cares.

3. I Want to Grow

It’s hard to find the right fit, right? If the company is too big, you can be lost in the crowd. If your employer is too small, they may lack the resources for training, coaching, productivity tech, and marketing. Sometimes, size doesn’t matter – the problem could actually be that leadership focuses their effort (and dollars) on the biggest players. Do you feel like you’re on your own if your production isn’t in the top 10%?

Take a minute to dream. Maybe you already have. Maybe you find yourself dreaming of a life where leadership knows your name, you’re surrounded by ample, efficient, go-getter support, and where you’re actually getting annoyed at all the motivational speeches, actionable suggestions, and productivity hacks your mentor shares with you. 

Enough dreaming. Take a baby step and talk to the folks at Axia. You’ll hear from the horse’s mouth what it’s like working with us. As we get to know each other, we’ll figure out if we’re a good fit. If we’re not, we won’t BS you or try to sell you on something that clearly won’t get you where you want to go.